CityFant 5000

outstanding performance for every application

Easy to maintain and built to last

Economical and comfortable The main criteria when developing and manufacturing the proven Bucher Municipal sweepers are quality and a long service life. Bucher Municipal’s truck mounted sweepers are also designed around needs of the operator to provide comfort and eliminate fatigue, even over long working periods. Needless to say, they comply with all applicable environmental regulations, with continuous product improvements already in the pipeline to meet future noise and emission requirements. Reliable components made of premium materials ensure low maintenance. Bucher Municipal’s truck mounted sweepers feature low-emission chassis and auxiliary engines and can be customised flexibly with a wide array of options – a worthwhile investment for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness indaily use.


Outstanding performance for every application

  • Ecologically road sweeper within the 5 m3 class
  • Fully hydrostatic drive and fan drive unit concep
  • Manoeuvrable because of short wheelbase
  • High suction performance
  • Ease of service and maintenance
  • High economic efficiency
  • Prinzipschema CityFant 5000

    This functional diagram shows the air flow from the suction nozzle through the hopper and out through the exhaust duct on the hopper roof. The water flow for the low pressure system is also shown.

    PSS – a Bucher Municipal exclusive

    The Programmable Sweeping System (PSS) control unit is mounted centrally. Controls are arranged ergonomically and are clear and easy to understand.

    Large water tank (2,150-litres)

    An extra large 2150 litre water tank provides an ample supply of water, considerably extending on-station times.

    Powerful power pack unit

    The powerful low-emission engine with a hydraulically driven fan forms a compact and efficient power unit. This is a tried-and-tested unit complying with all exhaust emission standards.

    Rapid hopper emptying

    The wide opening angle of the hopper door ensures that the swept material can be completely discharged quickly.

    Strong suction performance

    The above-average suction power makes this vehicle particularly suitable for dealing with very dirty areas.

    Hopper interior

    The inside of the hopper has been constructed to ensure that no dirt deposits can remain trapped inside. This feature ensures complete, perfect emptying.

    Protected locker for system controls

    A protected locker housing the pneumatic and electronic system controls ensures full control functionality in the most extreme conditions.

    Data entry

    Operating data required for recording costs, fleet management and billing can be downloaded to a USB stick in .csv format.

    Telescopic pick-up unit

    The telescopic pick-up unit can be extended by an additional 250 millimetres to obtain the best cleaning results.

    Camera system

    Up to four cameras can be installed. Camera views are displayed on a colour screen and improve visibility when reversing and thus guarantee increased road safety.

    Front-mounted brush unit

    This unit is designed for effective sweeping in corners and hard-to-reach areas. It can also be fitted with weed brushes and a variety of other frontmounted rotary brushes.

    Additional water tank

    A 1,000- or 2,000 litre additional water tank can be installed behind the driver’s cab to maximise the service times.

    High-pressure washing system 30 l/min @ 100 bar

    The compact hose reel with a hand lance is ready for use within seconds, for cleaning streets, bus shelters, walls, stairs or for washing down the machine after a hard day’s work.

    Axle load display for chassis with air suspension

    A warning light on the control panel indicates when the maximum permitted rear axle load is reached.

    Four-inch gate valve with Storz coupling

    This is used to discharge dirty water.

    Manual water valves in the driver’s cab

    The amount of water required can be controlled from the adjustable valves in the driver’s cab.

    Hydrostatic drive system

    For chassis over 16 tonnes a hydrostatic drive system with trusted components from Sauer-Danfoss and Omsi is available as an option.

    Hydraulic suction hose boom

    For cleaning catch basins and waste containers and removing piles of leaves.

    Water jet package for perfect fine dust (PM10) suppression

    The reduction of fine dust emissions was assessed in the top category in the fine dust test for municipal vehicles by EUnited.

    Pneumatically operated large hopper flap to the right / left

    Large items such as PET and glass bottles are picked up without difficulty.

    Soundproofing kit

    Noise emissions are reduced to 99 db (A) thanks to comprehensive noise reduction measures.

    Fan flush unit

    The inside of the fan can be easily flushed using the spray nozzle on the fan housing.

    Coated suction nozzle

    A special coating on the suction nozzle prevents excessive wear.

    Auxiliary engine Tier 4 Final

    The ecological Ecomax auxiliary engines from JCB comply with the latest emissions regulations.

    Low-pressure spray bars

    Lowpressure spray bars under the front bumper improve cleaning efficiency.

    Demountable system for CityFant 6000 and OptiFant 8000

    The sweeper body can simply be demounted and the truck chassis used for other purposes.

    Stainless steel hopper

    The hopper can be lined with special stainless steel providing protection against corrosive swept material.

    High-pressure washing system 30 l/ min @ 100 bar

    The nozzle bar on the wide sweep brush and suction nozzle provides perfect cleaning performance even under difficult conditions.

    Water recycling

    With water recycling, the water held in the swept material is separated out by screens on the hopper door and sent back to the suction nozzle.

    Swept material pick-up on both sides at the same time

    For a maximum sweeping path and area coverage.

    High-pressure washing system

    The high-pressure washer 120 l/min @160 bar solves serious pollution and can be supplemented with various nozzle strips.

    Warranty extension

    A warranty extension of up to three years provides comprehensive protection for the sweeper.