CityCat 2020

New edition of the compact bestseller

Thanks to a low-polluting diesel engine with AdBlue and exhaust gas after-treatment system, the 2m³ compact sweeper meets the stringent Euro 6 emission standard. Tried and true articulated steering provides exceptional agility, manoeuvrability and maximum directional stability, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on sweeping without worrying about manoeuvring. Articulated steering combined with the front brush means that the vehicle can efficiently and costeffectively clean everything from the narrowest of passages to the largest of areas. The innovative control system displays all the operating information in a simple and clear form on the centrally mounted screen. The cab of the new CityCat 2020 offers an invitingly high level of comfort as well as exceptionally low noise and vibration values. With a noise level of just 70 dB(A) this corresponds to half of the perceived volume of comparable models.


Basic diagram CityCat 2020 Euro 6

This diagram shows the flow of air from the suction nozzle through the hopper and out through the exhaust duct above the articulated steering joint. A water pump feeds clean water to the spray jets fitted to the sweeping brushes, the suction nozzle and the suction pipe. The used water is filtered and then fed to the suction nozzle to ensure optimum dust suppression.

Emissions standard Euro 6

Thanks to a low-polluting diesel engine with AdBlue and exhaust gas after-treatment system, the 2m³ compact
sweeper meets the stringent Euro 6 emission standard.

Articulated steering – maximum manoeuvrability

Another advantage of articulated steering is increased manoeuvrability. With this system, the suction nozzle always faces in the direction of travel, giving a clean sweep without leaving unsightly dirt streaks behind.

Ergonomic and safe operation

The vehicle is simple to operate using the steering wheel, foot pedal and easy-to-use joystick. All joystick functions are self-explanatory and intuitive to use. (Mobile phone storage, drinks holder etc.)

Load Sensing System

The unique load-sensing system ensures that the hydraulic pumps convey only the volume flow for all active consumers. (reduces diesel consumption)

PSS – exclusive to Bucher Municipal

The Programmable Sweeping System (PSS) displays all relevant information about the vehicle’s operating parameters on a clear screen and memorises frequently used application configurations.

Hopper with water recirculation

The stainless steel hopper features a large filter screen and an integrated water recirculation system. This ensures exceptionally long service runs and enables environment friendly cleaning.

Impact protected suction nozzle

The wide, cast aluminium suction nozzle is suspended on a floating mechanism between the front wheels. A tilting mechanism allows it to ride over obstacles without damage to the nozzle.

Air-conditioning system

The air conditioned driver’s cab ensures a pleasant working environment.

High pressure water system

The high pressure water lance is ideal for cleaning walls, stairs and railings. The lance facilitates the efficient cleaning of bus shelters.

Weed brush

The weed brush is the environmentally friendly solution for uprooting and sweeping up weeds in a single pass without the use of noxious chemicals.


The exceptionally lightweight and flexible suction hose enables leaves and other debris to be picked up effortlessly from those hard-to-reach places.

Suction nozzle and reversing camera system

The reversing camera provides improved visibility and reduces the risk of collision with obstacles or other road users during daily operation. The suction nozzle camera enables improved inspection of the suction nozzle intake.

Snow plough and salt spreader

Snow can be cleared with the snow plough or the roller brush. The salt spreader can be operated at the same time to provide a full, cost-effective winter
service. Salt can be carried in the hopper.