CityCat 1000

Robustly built and reliable in operation for efficient sweeping

The CityCat 1000 is the product of years of experience in developing and manufacturing compact sweepers for professional applications. With its slender frame, this compact sweeper is the ideal solution for cleaning all confined spaces and areas with limited access. It is the perfect machine for sweeping larger premises, car parks, shopping centres, factory sites and housing estates. Needless to say, another of its strengths is cleaning urban environments with cramped pavements and narrowed streets like those in traffic-calmed residential areas.

Basic diagram CityCat 1000

This diagram shows the flow of air from the suction nozzle through the hopper and out through the exhaust duct on the hopper roof. A water pump feeds clean water to the spray jets fitted to the sweeping brushes and the suction nozzle. The used water is filtered and then fed to the suction nozzle to ensure optimum dust suppression.


Featuring hydraulic brush pressure adjustment, the two impact protected, independently controlled extendable front brushes ensure constant sweeping performance at all times.

Superior dust control

Water spray jets on the brushes suppress dust around the critical work area.

Impact protected suction nozzle

Supported by castor wheels, the suction nozzle is located between the front wheels and also fitted with water spray jets. A special mounting allows it to ride over obstacles without damage to the nozzle.

Exceptional sweep path

With its wide sweep path, the CityCat 1000 ensures spotlessly clean surfaces. The infinitely variable brushes extending to either side combine with the suction nozzle to maximise effective coverage of the work area.


The stainless steel hopper has a huge capacity, giving a long range in daily sweeping operations.

Low-emission, easy-to-maintain engine

The CityCat 1000 is powered by an environmentally friendly, high-torque diesel engine. Clearly arranged engine components make the machine simple and convenient to maintain and service.

Service panels with magnetic closures

The service panels located at the rear of the machine feature magnetic closures for easy opening and quick access.

Integrated water recirculation system

A special construction ensures that dirty water remains in the recycled water tank during tipping. This integrated water recirculation system results in drier loads and extends on-station time.

Four-wheel steering

Four-wheel steering is offered as an option for maximum directional stability and manoeuvrability.


The exceptionally lightweight and flexible suction hose enables leaves and other debris to be picked up effortlessly from those hard-to-reach places.

Snow plough and salt spreader

The snow plough clears fallen snow and can be used in combination with the salt spreader for economical winter maintenance.

Simple operation

All that’s needed are a steering wheel and foot pedal, plus two joysticks for controlling the brushes.

Full visibility

Panoramic glazing and a curved windscreen provide a wide field of vision, giving a full view of the road and work area.

Comprehensive features

A heated windscreen, exterior mirrors and work lights are fitted as standard.

Dimensions CityCat 1000
Length without third brush 3700 mm
Length with third brush
Width 1110 mm
Height 1930 mm
Wheelbase 1640 mm
Track front / rear 930 mm / 930 mm
Turning circle 4000 mm
Kerb weight 1800 kg
Payload 600 kg
GVW 2400 kg
Manufacturer Deutz
Type D2011 L03i
Displacement 2330 cm³
Output 31,2 /33,2 kW
Torque 137 Nm
Exhaust class Euromot IIIA
Speed 0 – 25 km/h
Fuel tank 50 l
Vehicle drive
Drive system Hydrostatic / infinite
System manufacturer Bosch Rexroth
Drive axle front
Hopper volume 1 m³
Dumping height 1370 mm
Dumping height (high dump version)
Tipping angle 84°
Sweeping system
Brush diameter 700 mm
Brush speed 0 – 100 rpm
Max. sweeping path with 2 brushes 2200 mm
Max. sweeping path with 3 brushes
Suction system
Suction nozzle width 600 mm
Suction nozzle material Stainless steel
Suction pipe diameter 180 mm
Water system
Fresh water tank 220 l
Used water tank 70 l
High pressure water system 11 l/min @ 100 bar
Water flow control Control knob in cab